Garden progress

As it seems the whole country has now got the grow your own bug I thought I would share the progress in my little corner.

I have for several years now grown my own vegetables but earlier this spring we relocated my poly tunnel into the garden and have put a lot more effort into my growing this year. I’m now slowly starting to see the benefits and have just picked my first proper harvest (we’ve been eating lettuce for a couple of weeks already).

New potatoes, mange tout, peas, baby broad beans, pakchoi and 1 lone cherry!

There really is nothing better than home grown produce and zero food miles to boot! It looks like we’ll be harvesting lots more in the coming days as well!

I haven’t just spent all my time in the garden growing veg, the flowers are looking glorious as well.

I always try and grow some cut flowers to bring inside, the sweet peas are almost ready to bloom but the cornflowers are already there and I have managed to bring a couple of stems inside.

The poppy and lupin did take a bit of a bettering a couple of days ago but they are managing to hold strong and still look great.

And lastly our wild flower corner has finally taken off after doing nothing last year and is looking lovely along with a fantastic display of foxgloves which self seeded in the hedge.

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